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Community Outreach

The U.S. Attorney’s Office is committed not only to aggressively prosecuting those who violate the law, but also to leading focused efforts both to prevent crime and to help those who have completed prison sentences be reintegrated into our communities.  To accomplish this mission, the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s community outreach program seeks to learn about community needs by maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the public we serve and to build safer communities by working collaboratively with residents, community leaders, community groups, non-governmental organizations, local governments, educators, and our most vulnerable citizens

Prevention:  Our prevention-focused community outreach efforts seek to expand violence and crime prevention by partnering with organizations, schools, and community leaders to reach those who are most at-risk.  Our prevention programs include reading and mentoring programs, support of summer camps, youth symposiums, career days, job shadowing events, essay contests, legal and law related field trips, and donations for school supplies and holiday events.  By actively engaging and supporting the communities we serve, we seek to prevent crime by being neighborhood problem solvers and not simply case processors.  Some of our outreach efforts are highlighted on the following pages:

Reentry: Our reentry-focused community outreach seeks to support formerly incarcerated individuals who are striving to become productive and positive members of our communities.  Our office partners with and supports organizations and initiatives that provide training and assistance for individuals who were formerly incarcerated.  To raise awareness about the issues confronting formerly incarcerated individuals upon their return to the community, our office hosts and attends seminars, symposiums, and community events to share information and to garner support for reentry programs. Here are some of our local Reenty programs and initiatives :



In Your Community

Jessica Morris, Assistant U.S. Attorney
Project Safe Neighborhoods Coordinator
75 Ted Turner Drive NW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (404) 581-6053

Danielle Sweat Whylly, Ph.D.
Community Outreach Specialist
75 Ted Turner Drive NW
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (404) 581-4646

Updated November 29, 2022