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Prepare and Share A Meal

As part of our prevention-focused community outreach, the United States Attorney’s Office participates in the Prepare and Share a Meal program at Covenant House Georgia which provides sanctuary for Atlanta’s homeless youth. Many of the youth who reside at the Covenant House Crisis Shelter have run away from abusive or neglectful homes; some have been rejected by their families due to teenage pregnancy or for revealing their sexual orientation; some have “aged out” of foster care; others have escaped the city's notorious sex trafficking trade; and others grew up experiencing homelessness or come from poverty-stricken families that couldn't afford to care for them once they turned 18. The Covenant House provides food, clothing, shelter, counseling, job search assistance, and life skills training for all homeless youths. Feeding up to 40 youths each day is a major financial expenditure and the Covenant House relies heavily upon the meal donation program “Prepare and Share a Meal” for assistance.

United States Attorney’s Office Staff preparing to serve dinner at the Covenant House of Georgia on July 23, 2014.  Raquel Leibovitch, Law Student Intern; Meghan Starr, Law Student Intern; Leslie Abrams, AUSA; Skye Davis, AUSA; DeShanta Cox, Legal Assistant (L to R).

On July 23, 2014, United States Attorney’s Office staff members prepared a healthy “Tex-Mex” dinner followed by a delicious yogurt dessert.  In addition to providing a healthy and nutritious meal, staff members interacted with youths during dinner and discussed many topics including: career paths, educational opportunities, hobbies, decision making, military service, and the duties and responsibilities of the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The United States Attorney’s Office participates in the meal donation program on a quarterly basis.

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Updated April 17, 2015