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Street Law And Mock Trial Program

The United States Attorney’s Office in partnership with Atlanta's John Marshall Law School teaches Street Law to high school students.  Street Law began as a project at Georgetown Law Center in 1972, when several law students and their professor, were looking for a way to provide young people with information about the law that would assist them in their daily lives. See

United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates, Assistant United States Attorney and Community Outreach Coordinator Loranzo M. Fleming, and Community Outreach Specialist Danielle Sweat, PhD., with John Marshall Law Students and Booker T. Washington High School Students

Assistant United States Attorneys and John Marshall law students teach substantive courses on contracts, torts, intellectual property, constitutional law, dispute resolution, criminal law, civil rights, the United States courts systems and civil disobedience.  After receiving instruction on substantive legal courses, the students are taught trial techniques in preparation for a mock trial. The mock trial is the highlight of the Street Law program.  The mock trial is held at the United States Courthouse and is presided over by United States Magistrate Judges and United States District Court Judges.

United States District Court Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr. with Booker T. Washington High School (Atlanta) Street Law Mock Trial Participants

Updated June 21, 2017

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