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U.S. vs Viet Quoc Nguyen and Giang Hoang Vu/David-Manuel Santos Da Silva

Court Docket Number: 1:12-CR-0339-TCB-JFK (US vs Viet Quoc Nguyen and Giang Hoang Vu) and 1:15-CR-072-TCB-JFK (US vs David-Manuel Santos Da Silva)

These two cases are assigned to United States District Judge Timothy C. Batten Sr., United States District Court for the North District of Georgia, Richard B. Russell Federal Building and Courthouse, 75 Spring Street, SW, 2142 U.S. Courthouse, Atlanta, GA 30303-3361.

Defendant Viet Quoc Nguyen allegedly hacked into the computer databases of Email Service Providers and, in conjunction with defendant Giang Hoang Vu, launched spam attacks on tens of millions of email recipients.

Defendant Vu has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit computer fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371.  His sentencing is scheduled for July 27, 2015. Defendant Nguyen is not in custody and remains a fugitive.

Defendant David-Manuel Santos Da Silva is charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering for allegedly entering into an affiliate marketing arrangement with Nguyen that allowed him to generate revenue from his computer hacks and subsequent spam attacks. The charge against Da Silva is pending.

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Case Status Updates

On July 27, 2015, Giang Hoang Vu was sentenced by The Honorable Timothy C. Batten Sr. to serve a term of imprisonment of 24 months.

On November 2, 2015, David Da Silva pled guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering. He is scheduled to be sentenced by The Honorable Timothy C. Batten Sr. on February 5, 2016, at 10:30 am, Courtroom 2106.

Public Notifications
  Order Viet Quoc Nguyen and Giang Hoang Vu (60.67 KB) 06/01/2015
  Order David-Manuel Santos Da Silva (58.13 KB) 06/01/2015

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Updated January 12, 2016