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Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative

Successful firearms prosecution within this district not only means a safer Georgia, it also adds to the safety of the northeastern states. While each state is its own primary source for guns used in crimes ("crime guns"), Georgia consistently ranks between first and third as an outside source city for guns used in crimes for New York City, Washington, Philadelphia, and Boston. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF) is the district's major federal partner in Project Safe Neighborhoods, and ATF leads the Youth Crime Gun Interdiction Initiative. The Atlanta Police Department (APD), another partner, committed to the comprehensive tracing of crime guns recovered in Atlanta. ATF and other law enforcement officers working together in the district can target, through regulatory efforts, criminal investigations and prosecutions, significant sources of firearms involved in crime, interstate firearms trafficking, and trafficking to youth.

Along with investigations and prosecutions, ATF and the United States Attorney can devote other resources to reducing youth gun crime. For example, in February 2001, ATF distributed full color brochures entitled "Is the fast cash really worth it?" to underclass men and women at Georgia State University Center and at the Atlanta University Center during events featuring university officials, students, ATF, the United States Attorney, and the student press, as well as local media.

Educating students that other students in Atlanta have already damaged their futures and ended their college careers in prison by acting as straw purchasers may deter students from acting as straw purchasers of guns.

Updated April 21, 2015

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