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Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council (ATAC), as mandated by the U.S. Attorney General, is intended to serve as an umbrella organization consisting of public/private stakeholders to coordinate activities, develop policy, and  implement a strategic plan to combat terrorism in the Northern District of Indiana, as well as to coordinate with the other ATACs around the nation. The ATAC’s focal point on all matters is to maintain the safety and security of citizens and key critical infrastructure. Specifically, the ATAC serves to:

  1. facilitate intelligence and information sharing among federal, state and local authorities
  2. prevent and disrupt terrorism activity within the district through aggressive investigation and prosecution and
  3. ensure that the organizational structure and plans exist to effectively prepare for, and respond to, any future terrorist incidents in the district (Emergency Preparedness/Response).
Updated May 1, 2015