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Civil Division

Civil Division attorneys represent the United States of America, federal agencies and, where authorized, individual federal employees in civil cases and matters filed in the federal and state courts located in the Northern District of Indiana. One (1) Civil Division attorney is stationed in South Bend and Fort Wayne USAOs and five (5) Civil Division Attorneys are stationed in the Hammond office. Civil Division support personnel are also stationed in the three (3) staffed offices. Civil Division attorneys travel from the staffed offices to cover Hammond Division at Lafayette civil cases. The Civil Chief, who supervises all Civil Division personnel, is located in the Hammond Office.

Major Civil Division practice areas include: Affirmative Civil Enforcement ("ACE") (suits to recover damages due to fraud and other misconduct against the United States); Bankruptcy Litigation (representing the United States and its agencies in bankruptcy proceedings filed in the District's four (4) bankruptcy courts); Foreclosure; and General Defensive Litigation (defending the United States, its agencies and/or federal employees in suits alleging employment discrimination, personal injury under the Federal Tort Claims Act and "constitutional tort" ["Bivens"] claims).

The only “dedicated” sub-unit in the Civil Division is the Financial Litigation Unit ("FLU"). The FLU consists of one part-time attorney, and three paralegal specialists - all located in the Hammond office. The FLU is responsible for the collection of criminal and civil debts owed the United States arising from criminal convictions (including fines, restitution, special assessments) and civil judgments. The FLU enforces "to the fullest extent of the law" all criminal monetary penalties, including non-federal restitution, all of which are enforceable for a period of 20 years plus any period of incarceration or until the death of the defendant. 18 U.S.C. § 3613(c). The FLU interacts with other sections of the office to accomplish its financial litigation mission.

Updated May 1, 2015

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