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Project Safe Childhood

Guided by the leadership of the Attorney General, Project Safe Childhood (PSC) combined with the Child Sexual Predator Program (CSPP), will expand on already aggressive tactics to combat the proliferation of technology-facilitated sexual exploitation crimes against children. The threat of sexual predators soliciting children for physical sexual contact is well-known and serious; the danger of the production, distribution and possession of child pornography is equally dramatic and disturbing. The response to these growing problems must be coordinated, comprehensive, and robust. It must aim to investigate and prosecute vigorously, and protect and assist victimized children. At the same time, it must recognize the need for a broad, community-based effort to protect our children and to guarantee to future generations the opportunities of the American dream.

The Child Sexual Predator Program will involve:

  • Insuring sex offenders are in compliance with the terms of their probation/parole.
  • Improving Information sharing between law enforcement and other service providers to investigate and prevent child sex crimes and to insure offender accountability.
  • Managing high-risk offenders in the community through strategic problem analysis and response development.
  • Establishing and/or enhancing efforts to locate, arrest, and prosecute child sex offenders.
  • Provide Law Enforcement Training and Community Outreach Training.

National Strategy Report (PDF)

The National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction - A Report to Congress, July 2010. From the Executive Summary:

In the broadest terms, the goal of this National Strategy is to prevent child sexual exploitation from occurring in the first place, in order to protect every child’s opportunity and right to have a childhood that is free from sexual abuse, trauma, and exploitation so that they can become the adults they were meant to be. This Strategy will accomplish that goal by efficiently leveraging assets across the federal government in a coordinated manner.

Updated May 1, 2015

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