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Appellate Division

Assistant U.S. Attorneys in the Appellate Division represent the United States in cases on appeal before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Fifth Circuit has appellate jurisdiction over U.S. District Courts in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

From writing appellate briefs to presenting oral arguments on a variety of complex issues involving the constitution, statutory construction, and evidentiary and procedural matters, Assistant U.S. Attorneys in the Appellate Division handle all aspects of appeals from criminal cases prosecuted in the Northern District of Texas. In addition, Appellate Assistant U.S. Attorneys advise trial prosecutors on significant legal issues that arise during the investigation of their cases, during trial preparation, and during trial. These Assistant U.S. Attorneys also ensure AUSAs are kept abreast of changes and developments in the law.


Updated June 23, 2015