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Case Name: US v. Sorin Becheru


Sorin Becheru was indicted by a Dallas-based federal grand jury for conspiring to commit fraud in connection with access devices from March 2016 through May 2018. On March 3, 2022, the FBI completed the removal of Becheru from Romania to the Northern District of Texas. According to the indictment, Becheru and his co-conspirators allegedly used point-of-sale memory scraping malware to obtain consumers’ credit card information from victim servers located in the U.S. They then allegedly sold the numbers on darkweb carding forums, including “Vendetta” and “Tony Montana.” Buyers used the stolen credit card numbers to purchase goods and services. Becheru—who used various online identities, including,, and — allegedly possessed and sold credit card information for millions of cards. At one point, Becheru was in possession of information for more than 240,000 credit cards belonging to victims located in the Northern District of Texas and elsewhere. Becheru is awaiting trial, which is scheduled to begin on August 28, 2023.

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Case Name: US v. Sorin Becheru
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Updated July 12, 2023