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Information for Victims in Large Cases

When a federal criminal case reaches the prosecution stage of the criminal justice process, victims are provided with notification services concerning the status of the case. If you are a victim in an ongoing criminal case with our office, please visit the appropriate link for the case below.

Case Name

Familar Names & Terms


U.S. v. Johnny Palermo


Latino Peace Officers Association

Between January 1, 2016, and April 5, 2023 in Nebraska, Johnny Palermo, Richard Gonzalez, and Jack Olson joined together to commit wire fraud by agreeing to create a scheme to take from and deceive LPOA and its donors. The intent of the scheme was to obtain money and property from the LPOA and its donors, by making untrue statements, fake pretenses, and promises. The facts show that they lied and misrepresented where the donor’s donations were going and the purpose of the fundraising.

Latino Peace Officers Association ("LPOA") is a professional organization designed to promote the advancement of Latino professionals within OPD and other law enforcement organizations. LPOA hosts events each year, to include an Easter egg giveaway, a turkey giveaway, and a golf fundraiser.

U.S. v Saheed B. Dairo   Saheed Dairo has been charged with white collar fraud, bank fraud, and aggravated identity theft in relationship to a fraudulent investment scheme in which he victimized several hundred individuals. The scheme at issue in this case was perpetrated in several states during more than 2 ½ years. It involved attempted transactions totaling over $5 million in actual customers’ accounts, using the customers’ identification information. The indictment alleges that Saheed Dairo knowingly executed and attempted and artifice to defraud financial institutions and to obtain moneys, funds, credits, assets, securities, and other property owned by, and under the custody and control of, financial institutions, by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises.

U.S. v Austin Thomas   Austin Thomas was a United States Postal Service employee and was federally charged for theft of mail matter by an employee. The indictment alleges that Austin Thomas committed theft by mail, which consisted of a large number of card sized envelopes and greeting cards that contained gift cards and cash.

U.S. v Frederick Voight  

Frederick Voight has been charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering in relationship to a fraudulent investment scheme in which he victimized several hundred individuals. The Indictment alleges that Frederick Voight committed fraud by utilizing the United States Postal Service and wire transfers in the district of Nebraska and elsewhere across the United States to advance his scheme.

U.S. v Vyacheslav Penchukov
















(aka petrOvich, aka nowhere)


(aka kusanagi)

(aka jonni)

(aka jtkO)

Nine alleged members of a wide-ranging racketeering enterprise and conspiracy who infected thousands of business computers with malicious software known as “Zeus” have been charged in an indictment. The indictment alleges that the “Zeus” malware captured passwords, account numbers, and other information necessary to log into online banking accounts. The conspirators allegedly used the information captured by “Zeus” to steal millions of dollars from victims’ bank accounts. All of the defendants are charged with conspiracy to participate in racketeering activity, conspiracy to commit computer fraud and identity theft, aggravated identity theft, and multiple counts of bank fraud.










Updated May 17, 2023