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Employment Opportunities

Attorney Employment Opportunities

The following AUSA vacancy announcement opened today, October 9, 2018:


TITLE:  Assistant United States Attorney



OPENING DATE:  10/09/2018     CLOSING DATE:  10/22/2018 



This vacancy can also be viewed at:        

All applicants should apply through USAJOBS.

For basic consideration, applicants must possess a J.D. degree, have at least one year of professional legal experience, and be an active member, in good standing, of at least one bar (any jurisdiction). Additional information regarding current opportunities for attorney positions can be viewed at

Other Employment Opportunities

Positions at the U.S. Attorney’s Office include a variety of legal support to administrative and professional positions. Most positions require specialized experience. When the U.S. Attorney’s Office has openings for administrative, technical and clerical positions, vacancy notices are posted on the USA Jobs website.

Current Openings

The U.S. Attorney’s Office offers a comprehensive benefit package which includes:

Federal Employees Retirement (FERS)
Thrift Savings Plan (tax deferred retirement savings plan)
Group Health Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts
Group Life Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance                                                    
Paid Vacation/Sick Leave
Federal Holidays (10 paid per year)
Employee Assistance Program
Alternative Work Schedules
Transit Subsidy Program

All employees working in the U.S. Attorney’s Office are required to undergo an extensive background investigation before they can begin working. This can take 8-12 weeks to complete. The background investigation may involve, at a minimum, a drug test (paid for by the agency) and a comprehensive review of the applicant’s personal, professional and financial background. It may also include checking all references as well as a neighborhood check.

Volunteer Opportunities

The United States Attorney's office may accept voluntary services from certain student volunteers. For further information see fact sheet.

Employment Links

Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management

General Employment Information Dept. Of Justice

USA Jobs

Updated October 9, 2018

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