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Press Release

Historic Memorandum of Agreement Signed Regarding Reentry Services on the Standing Rock Reservation

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, District of South Dakota

 Acting United States Attorney Randolph J. Seiler for the District of South Dakota, and Christopher C. Myers, Acting United States Attorney for the District of North Dakota, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) between the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Multijurisdictional Reentry Services Team at a ceremony at Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council Chambers in Fort Yates, ND.  The ceremony took place on Tuesday July 7, 2015.

The historic agreement is the first time this many federal, state, and tribal agencies have worked together to address a nationwide problem that is amplified in Indian country.  The agreement is also unique because it covers Standing Rock Reservation, which encompasses both South Dakota and North Dakota, and has jurisdictional issues because of its location. The Multijurisdictional Reentry Services Team recognizes that this remote area of reservation typically does not allow people returning home to have access to services and resources found in larger urban areas. The team shares a common interest and goal towards the successful reentry of people returning home to the reservation after their incarceration.

The agreement was lauded by Troy Morley, a reentry services team member, Assistant U.S Attorney, and Tribal Liaison for the District of South Dakota. “This truly is a great opportunity for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all of the state and federal partners to work together. The goal of the team is taking positive steps towards re-acclimating tribal members, in a positive and culturally related manner, that are returning home from serving time away in prison.  The population our team is targeting are returning home to the reservation regardless, so the Tribe’s creation of this working group, and the programs they intend to introduce, will increase public safety and reduce recidivism on the Standing Rock Reservation,” said Morley.

The agreement was also commended by Gary Delorme, a reentry services team member, and Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of North Dakota. “It was a lengthy process that required the collaboration of many federal, state, and tribal reentry group members contributing significant time and expertise in formulating this groundbreaking agreement.  We have a sovereign tribal government coming together with authorities from two different states and two different federal districts, historically agreeing to partner together in aiding the Standing Rock Tribe to formulate a reentry program that will benefit the community, increase the safety of tribal members, and assist tribal members returning from prison in choosing a path that will help lead them away from a life of crime,” said Delorme.

The MOU was signed by the South Dakota U.S. Attorney’s Office, North Dakota U.S. Attorney’s Office, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Justice Services Standing Rock Agency, South Dakota Department of Corrections, North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, South Dakota Unified Judicial System, North Dakota U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services, South Dakota U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services, South Dakota Department of Tribal Relations, and the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission.

Updated July 27, 2015