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The United States faces an epidemic of overdoses and deaths from prescription and synthetic opioids, the Southern District of New York is committed to prosecuting those responsible for fueling this crisis. In addition to targeting street-level dealers and their suppliers, this Office has aggressively pursued medical professionals who divert these highly-addictive pills, including doctors, pharmacies, and a major drug distributor. 

The Narcotics Unit has been aggressive in prosecuting “dirty doctors” and other medical professionals who have helped to perpetuate the opioid crisis. 

In addition to pursuing medical professionals, the Office has redoubled its enforcement efforts by partnering with the New York City Police Department to establish the Overdose Response Initiative, which treats every overdose as a crime scene and aims to hold drug traffickers responsible for their roles in the opioid crisis.  The Narcotics Unit has secured convictions of multiple individuals who distributed drugs that caused overdoses. 

Updated October 7, 2019