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Narcotics Enforcement/OCDETF

NarcoticsThe primary focus of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF)/Narcotics section is to assist in meeting the mission of the OCDETF program which is to conduct long-term and complex investigations and prosecutions that dismantle the most significant drug trafficking cartels and their related money laundering organizations along with their partners in federal, state and local law enforcement. This section is comprised of experienced AUSAs who focus their extensive prosecutorial efforts in achieving this goal.

AUSAs in this section work with a variety of federal agencies including the DEA, FBI, ATF, USMS, IRS-CI and HSI. Additionally, the section works with our multi-agency Houston OCDETF Strike Force, which targets organizations of national interest. The Houston Strike Force encompasses federal, state and local law enforcement agencies in Houston, McAllen, Laredo and San Antonio. AUSAs work with agents to utilize the latest technologies available to combat the drug cartels including Title III wiretaps, trackers, locators and other electronic surveillance devices. The AUSAs participate in both the Maritime and Bulk Currency Initiatives that attack the flow of narcotics and currency from Mexico and South America through the Southwest Border into and out of the United States. This section also prosecutes related fire arms trafficking and public corruption cases that are uncovered during investigations.

AUSAs respond to the needs and inquiries of all federal investigative agencies of the district to address issues affecting search, arrest and prosecution of individuals engaged in less complex day-to-day drug trafficking and money laundering activities. These cases form the basis of the longer-term proactive and/or OCDETF investigations described above. These types of cases include, but are not limited to, those arising from airports, seaports and bus stations and through border interdiction efforts.

Our district has AUSAs assigned to OCDETF in the Houston office as well as in our South Texas offices in Corpus Christi, McAllen, Brownsville and Laredo.

Updated March 4, 2019