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Criminal Division

Tim Braley

The criminal division in the SDTX is among the busiest in the nation. The division is comprised of approximately 150 AUSAs working in Houston, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Laredo, Brownsville, Galveston and Victoria. Criminal matters are referred by federal investigative agencies working reactive and long-term investigations. In addition, state and local law enforcement agencies refer criminal matters for prosecutive consideration. The responsibility to prosecute criminal violations of the laws of the United States requires that we work closely with investigative agencies to ensure a coordinated and effective law enforcement response to the problems of crime and violence in the district and in the nation. While prosecutions cover a wide spectrum of subject matter, prosecution priority is placed on crime threats that pose a threat to the nation’s security, have exclusive federal jurisdiction or are uniquely national or international in dimension.


The following sections, designed to implement the prosecution priorities of the office, comprise the Criminal Division in the Houston Office:


Asset Forfeiture/Financial Litigation
Government Fraud
Human Rights/Organized Crime
Narcotics Enforcement
National Security/Public Corruption
Violent Crime

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Updated February 22, 2018

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