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Project Safe Childhood

Guided by the Attorney General, PSC aims to combat the proliferation of technology-facilitated sexual exploitation crimes against children. The SDTX actively supports this initiative through coordination of federal, state and local law enforcement efforts to prosecute predators and rescue child victims. This requires the cooperation of criminal justice agencies and community partners to help bring criminals to justice and protect the most vulnerable members of our society. The active members of the PSC Coalition, from federal, state and local law enforcement, service providers, children’s advocates and community groups, meet to address coordinated responses to the PSC goals. Although coordination and cooperation among investigative and prosecutive agencies existed prior to the formalization of PSC, those previous partnerships have been strengthened and new alliances have been forged. The cross-designation of a Texas assistant attorney general as an assistant U.S. attorney is one mark of the enhancement of this successful partnership.

The SDTX PSC strategic plan focuses on improved law enforcement and community partnerships to rescue child victims of Internet crimes and prosecute offenders, increased public awareness and law enforcement training. The SDTX PSC Coalition - consisting of numerous federal, state and local law enforcement, probation and parole, child advocates and service providers and community groups - has attempted to meet quarterly. To provide training to the greatest numbers, the PSC joined the Protecting Texas Children’s annual conference beginning in 2009. In 2010, an entire track of instruction was delivered on Internet crimes and safety issues over the 2-1/2 days of the conference. The total reached during both conferences was more than 700 law enforcement, social service and medical personnel. The PSC members have long realized that they are not able to educate every child and adult with a child who has Internet access and therefore vulnerable to these horrific crimes. In 2010, the partners presented the first Internet Safety Train the Trainer program to approximately 75 law enforcement and other individuals involved in agencies working with children to help deliver the Internet safety training throughout the district.

“Internet Safety - It’s Not Just the Computer Anymore”

-an outreach program started in 2009 which is based on DOJ’s PSC initiative. Parents, educators and teens across the Southern District have received exciting and informative presentations from our federal criminal prosecutors who specialize in child predators and the issues of Internet safety.

Presenters have delivered engaging information about PSC and Internet Safety to more than 2500 educators, parents and students throughout the district as part of the public awareness component of PSC.

Former Deputy Chief/PSC Coordinator Robert Stabe developed the first presentation, while the community relations coordinator organized expansion throughout the district. Two AUSAs were instrumental in customizing the program for individual audiences, which have included sessions of future teachers and a large international conference of students and parents.

The efforts of these four staff members led to the growth of this program to include a total of 12 AUSAs making presentations throughout the district in both English and Spanish to teachers, school administrators, parents and kids and the program continues to grow.

To see SDTX cases prosecuted under this initiative search HERE.


Updated March 16, 2016