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Violent Crimes

The mandate of Violent Offenders is to investigate and prosecute a wide variety of crimes including robbery, home invasion, felons in possession of firearms, assaults on federal agents and crimes of violence on federal lands and the maritime jurisdiction of the United States.


The Assistant United States Attorneys of the Violent Offenders section coordinate investigations and prosecutions of violent crimes committed by organized crime groups, violent prison and street gangs. Recognizing the dangers of violent crime to the public and the resulting economic damage, violent offenders prosecutes a wide variety of federal offenses including kidnapping, threats, bank robbery, armored car robberies and home invasions, often partnering with state and local agencies to achieve a greater impact on local crime. In concert with these investigations, the Violent Offenders prosecutors are tasked to carry out the Attorney General’s national anti-violent crime strategy through Project Safe Neighborhoods. Federal statutes relating to felons in possession of firearms, any possession of a firearm in furtherance of a violent or drug-related crime and gun trafficking organizations are prosecuted by attorneys assigned to this group.

AUSAs within this section also prosecute crimes on federal lands and aboard aircraft and ships as well as passports/visa fraud, counterfeiting of currency, impersonating federal agents, mail fraud and fraud involving Social Security, the Veterans Administration and the Postal Service.

The prosecutors within Violent Offenders rely upon a wide range of investigative agencies including the FBI, ICE-HSI, IRS, Postal Inspectors, Secret Service, ATF, DEA, State Department-Diplomatic Security Service and a host of local and state agencies.

Updated March 4, 2019

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