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Student Temporary Employment Positions

The Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) is available to all levels of students: vocational and technical, associate degree, and baccalaureate degrees students who reside in the Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Houston, Laredo and McAllen areas of the Southern District of Texas.

Job opportunities under this component offers temporary employment and may last for as long as a selected applicant is a student and meets the requirements of the program.  These employment opportunities need not necessarily be related to your academic field of study.

Program Features

  • Year round employment available provided the student is enrolled in at least 9 semester hours during the fall/spring semesters and meets other requirements of the program.
  • Flexible schedule of work assignments
  • Open to all students above the high school level (undergraduate and vocational/technical)

Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible under the STEP if you are:

  • A student enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a degree-seeking student (diploma, certificate, etc)
  • Taking a minimum of 9 semester hours academic or vocational and technical course load in an accredited technical or vocational school, 2-year or 4-year college or university, and must maintain a minimum cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5.
  • A U.S. citizen or a national resident.

Security Requirements

Please note that all employment is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of a background investigation adjudicated by the Department of Justice and successfully taking and passing a drug test by urinalysis.

Grade Level of Positions

Student positions are filled at the GS-2, GS-3, or GS-4 level depending on the qualifications and educational level of the applicant.

Applicants interested in applying for the above program should submit  a cover letter, resume, and a school transcript to:

U.S. Attorney’s Office
Southern District of Texas
ATTN:  Dell Mara Lovell, HR Officer
1000 Louisiana
Houston, Texas 77002

Security Forms
Student Temporary Employment Forms Page

Other Resources
Office of Personnel Management Web Site

Updated May 1, 2015

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