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Face of Recovery

Face of Recovery is a short documentary film that focuses on the story of Justin Goulet. An athlete and powerlifter, Goulet injured himself in a weightlifting competition. Prescription medications provided pain relief for a time but Goulet eventually turned to heroin. As he became more dependent on heroin he turned to a variety of methods to gain access to the drug. Face of Recovery shares the unique relationship between Goulet and former U.S. Attorney Christina Nolan, who prosecuted him. Goulet speaks about his path from a collegiate strength and conditioning coach, to heroin addict, federal defendant and convicted felon. His path to recovery began when the jail cell door closed behind him in federal prison. Today, Goulet is a business owner and newly married. His message of hope in the midst of the drug crisis  is highlighted in this film and public service announcement. Recovery from drug addiction is possible.


Face of Recovery PSA -

Face of Recovery (Full Length Video) -

Updated May 9, 2022