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Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the Attorney General directed every United States Attorney to commit all available resources and manpower to our national mission against terrorism. That directive included the establishment of Anti-Terrorism Advisory Councils (ATACs) led by United States Attorneys. The ATAC’s focal point on all matters is to maintain the safety and security of citizens and key critical infrastructure. The Anti-Terrorism Advisory Councils seek to deter, detect, and prevent future attacks within the United States by creating partnerships that:

  • coordinate anti-terrorism initiatives;
  • initiate and support anti-terror training programs;
  • facilitate intelligence and information sharing across all levels of government; and
  • prevent and disrupt terrorism activity within the district through aggressive investigation and prosecution.

Today, the Department of Justice remains committed to using all available resources to fight terrorism. In addition to the primary objectives, the Western District of Kentucky Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council encourages and supports community outreach and education.

Strategic Partnerships: Strategic partnerships are the key for a successful ATAC. The ATAC has endeavored to develop an expansive group of key individuals and organizations for the ultimate purpose of information sharing. This group includes members from Federal, state and local law enforcement, Banking industry, Federal Regulatory Agencies, Rail Industry, Investment industry, Shipping Industry, National Guard, Local prosecutors, Department of State, County Emergency Services, Energy Industry, the United States Air Force, and other entities willing to assist in combating terrorism in the US.

Heighten Awareness: By providing dynamic counter-terrorism training to local law enforcement officers in the district, the ATAC strives to keep law enforcement officers acutely aware of methods to prevent terrorism through the criminal justice system.

Dissemination of Information: One of the vital purposes of the ATAC is the widespread dissemination of information. The ATAC seeks to expeditiously disseminate this information to as broad a group as possible with the ultimate purpose of preventing potential or actual terrorist operations. Information is spread through an expansive network of ATAC Members.

Prevention: The ultimate goal of the ATAC is prevention of terrorist related activities within the Western District of Kentucky. Prevention will be achieved through awareness and information sharing, as well as through the identification of potential terrorists and by limiting vulnerabilities in the district

For additional information about Department of Justice and other government anti-terrorism resources, please visit:

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Updated December 16, 2014