Region 8 : Western District Of Tennessee (Eastern & Western Divisions)

The Memphis, TN office of the United States Trustee serves the Eastern & Western Divisions of the Western District of Tennessee.

Region 8
Sean Haynes
Assistant United States Trustee


Office of The United States Trustee
200 Jefferson Avenue
Suite 400
Memphis, TN 38103
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Phone: (901) 544-3251
Facsimile: (901) 544-4139

Memphis Chapter 7 Meeting of Creditor Notice

In even-numbered months, the calendar will be called alphabetically as always. In odd-numbered months, however, the calendar will be called in reverse order ("Z-A").

Additionally, all pro se cases will be called at the end of the calendar.

Trustee Preferences (Pay Advice & Tax Returns) - [PDF - 15 KB]

Updated May 31, 2018

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