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Introduction To Xohm

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Xohm logo. WiMax from Sprint.

Introduction to Xohm

DOJ Public Symposium

Bin Shen Vice President, Product and Partnership Management
Xohm. A Sprint Nextel Business Unit
November 29, 2007

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Wireless Broadband Expands Market Opportunity

Two charts, the first depicting wireless driving growth of voice minutes, and the second depicting broadband driving growth of subscribers


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Pervasive Broadband Experience

Diagram showing the expansion of broadband across various devices in 2008 and 2009-2011


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Critical Elements for Success

Image listing 3 critical elements for success


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Our Progress to Date

  • 10,000+ cell sites ready for WiMAX deployment
  • Thousands of base stations and antennas ordered
  • Initial service markets (Chicago and Baltimore / Washington DC) on schedule to launch year-end
  • Commercial launch planned for 2Q 2008
  • Recently completed first market-to-market live data session between Chicago and Washington DC (see video clip)

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(Video Clip Presentation)

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Perspective on Regulatory Challenges

Special Access Fees

  • Impacts our backhaul alternatives
  • $15 billion per year business that VZ and T get 82% of the fees
  • Virtually unregulated and adds significant cost to a broadband service provider




  • EBS & BRS white space auction
    • Action needs to be taken to establish rules and dates for auction
    • Billions of MHz pops impacted by this auction
    • Limits the ability of any wireless broadband provider to deliver services in areas that are currently unlicensed


Updated December 29, 2023