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Policy and Advocacy Program

The Antitrust Division has several components that perform specialized roles, including the Appellate Section, the Executive Office, the International Section, and the Competition Policy and Advocacy Section .

Appellate Section

Daniel Haar, Chief

This section represents the Division in all appeals, both civil and criminal, to the United States Courts of Appeals. In conjunction with the Solicitor General’s Office, it also prepares all Division appeals before the United States Supreme Court. Its responsibilities include filing amicus briefs in selected private antitrust cases.

Competition Policy and Advocacy Section

Karina Lubell, Chief

This section is responsible for providing analyses of complex antitrust matters, supporting the Division’s competition advocacy efforts, legislative program and comments on rulemakings, serving as liaison with other governmental agencies on competition issues, and coordinating long-range planning projects and programs of special interest to the Assistant Attorney General.

International Section

Lynda Marshall, Chief

This section is responsible for the development and implementation of Division policy on issues of international antitrust enforcement. The section is the Division’s liaison with international competition organizations, including antitrust enforcement agencies of the European communities, Canada, and emerging economies such as China and India, among others.

State Relations

Sarah Allen, Special Counsel
Updated November 20, 2023