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Litigation Program

The Antitrust Division officially established the Litigation Program in 2023.  The Program provides specialized litigation expertise and partnership to the Civil and Criminal Enforcement Programs and includes experienced litigators and prosecutors from both inside and outside the Division, as well as both the plaintiffs’ and defense bar.  The goal and mission of the Litigation Program is to build upon the Division’s rich history and tradition of litigating landmark, consequential civil and criminal matters that vindicate competition and the competitive process.  

The Litigation Program is supervised by a Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Litigation and a Director of Litigation. Together, they supervise four key services of the Litigation Program: Litigation and Trials, Special Matters, Litigation Administration, and eLitigation. The Litigation Program is led by the Director of Litigation and deputies who supervise civil and criminal matters in the Division. This organizational structure reflects the modern realities of complex litigation, particularly of the scope and scale the Antitrust Division routinely encounters.    

Litigation and Trial Expertise

Senior Litigation Counsel partner and support pre-litigation and litigation efforts across the Civil and Criminal Enforcement Programs.  They serve in many roles, including as counsel in court on specific matters.  They also partner with the Civil and Criminal Enforcement Programs as strategic advisers to craft and execute litigation strategy with teams who are engaged in, or preparing for, litigation.

Special Matters

The Special Matters Unit is tasked with identifying and formulating strategy concerning recurrent, complex matters that arise in litigation, including issues relating to attorney-client privilege.  The Special Matters Unit provides subject matter guidance and expert services to Division managers, attorneys, paralegals, and litigation support staff on principles and procedures. 

Litigation Administration

The Litigation Administration Unit provides comprehensive logistical and administrative support for litigation, including guidance and setup for litigation and trials, which is essential as the work of the Division takes its lawyers and staff to courtrooms across the country. It also builds litigation capacity throughout the Division by developing and delivering trainings, managing resources, supporting voluminous document review, and managing procurements.


The eLitigation Unit is responsible for developing and implementing best practices for electronic case management and eDiscovery into the work of the Division. This Unit also serves and partners and with the Department of Justice’s broader eLitigation Steering Committee. 

Litigation Program Contacts

Hetal Doshi, Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Litigation

Brian Young, Acting Director of Litigation

Vacant, Deputy Director of Civil Litigation

Vacant, Deputy Director of Criminal Litigation

Caitlin Grzymala, Chief, Litigation Administration

Joseph Muoio, Chief, Special Matters Unit

Vacant, Chief, eLitigation

Updated October 3, 2023