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Antitrust Division Leadership

Assistant Attorney General

Deputy Assistant Attorneys General & Chief Economist

Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General

On January 14, 2022, Doha Mekki was appointed Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. 

Doha G. Mekki

Photo of Doha Mekki

Chief Economist

Susan Athey is Chief Economist of the Antitrust Division.  

Susan C. Athey

Susan C. Athey

Deputy Assistant Attorney General

Hetal J. Doshi serves as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General overseeing the Antitrust Division’s civil and criminal litigation efforts.  

Hetal J. Doshi

Photo of Hetal Doshi

Deputy Assistant Attorney General

Andrew Forman serves as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division with a focus on civil enforcement. 

Andrew J. Forman

Photo of Andrew Forman

Deputy Assistant Attorney General

Maggie Goodlander currently serves as Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice where she oversees the international, appellate, and policy work of the Antitrust Division. 

Maggie Goodlander

Photo of Margaret Goodlander

Deputy Assistant Attorney General

Michael Kades is a Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division with a focus on civil enforcement.

Michael B. Kades

Photo of Michael Kades

Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Criminal Enforcement

Manish Kumar serves as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) for Criminal Enforcement at the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division. 

Manish Kumar

Photo - Manish Kumar

Chief of Staff and Senior Advisors

Photo of Joshua Tzuker

Joshua E. Tzuker,
Chief of Staff

Photo - Shannon McCabe

Shannon C. McCabe,
Deputy Chief of Staff

Photo - Robyn Shapiro

Robyn Shapiro,
Deputy Chief of Staff

Photo of Ioana Marinescu

Ioana E. Marinescu,
Principal Economist

Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General

Photo of Perry Apelbaum

Perry Apelbaum

Department of Justice, Antitrust Division Seal with black background

Bindi R. Bhagat

Photo - Campbell Haynes

Campbell Haynes

Photo - Sally Hubbard

Sarah M. Hubbard 

Photo - Jillian M. Rogowski

Jillian M. Rogowski

Photo - David Teslicko, Jr.

David M. Teslicko, Jr. 

Markus Brazill

Markus A. Brazill

Photo - Eric Dunn

Eric D. Dunn

Photo - Matthew Huppert

Matthew R. Huppert

Department of Justice, Antitrust Division Seal with black background

Jariel A. Rendell 

Photo - Jacobus Van der Ven

Jacobus Van der Ven

Antitrust Division Seal
Directors of Enforcement and Litigation

The Directors are the Division’s senior career officials who work closely with the Division’s appointed leadership to oversee all Division activities in their respective areas.

Current leadership:

  • Emma M. Burnham, Director of Criminal Enforcement
  • Ryan J. Danks, Director of Civil Enforcement
  • Aditi Mehta, Economics Director of Enforcement
  • David Lawrence, Policy Director
  • Daniel Glad, Director of the Procurement Collusion Strike Force

Antitrust Division Seal
Office of the Chief Legal Advisor

The Antitrust Division’s Office of the Chief Legal Advisor (OCLA) advises the Assistant Attorney General (AAG), the AAG’s deputies, and Division managers and staff on potential areas of legal risk or vulnerability to the Division’s operations as well as guidance concerning the Division’s jurisdiction and law enforcement authority.  In this regard, OCLA performs many of the same duties as a General Counsel’s Office.  Specifically, OCLA’s duties include: the interpretation and application of statutes and rules, development and implementation of remedy policies, guidance concerning decree enforcement and compliance, advice on ethics rules, coordination of responses to lawsuits against, or subpoenas issued to, the Division, counseling concerning employment issues, processing and responding to Freedom of Information (FOIA) requests, providing guidance concerning Privacy Act issues, liaising with investigating entities, and representing the Division on various working groups, boards, etc.

Although the attorneys and other members of OCLA have different subject matter responsibilities, the overriding mission of OCLA is to provide the best legal advice and guidance to Division management and staff, with the goal of minimizing risk to the Division by exercising sound judgment consistent with the high standards of the Department of Justice and ensuring compliance with all applicable court decisions, statutes, rules, and policies.

Current leadership:

  • Marvin N. Price, Jr., Chief Legal Advisor
  • Amy R. Fitzpatrick, Deputy Chief Legal Advisor-Civil
  • Sarah L. Oldfield, Deputy Chief Legal Advisor-Criminal
  • Tracy Fisher, Ethics Officer
  • Kathy Hsu, Chief, FOIA/PA Unit