Criminal Enforcement

Overview Documents

January 2, 2001 (Revised September 28, 2005)

Price Fixing, Bid Rigging, and Market Allocation Schemes: What They Are and What to Look For

August 2003 (Revised April, 2005)

An Antitrust Primer for Federal Law Enforcement Personnel

Antitrust Statutory Provisions (Sherman Antitrust Act)

Leniency Policy Documents

Leniency Program: FAQs, policy documents, model leniency letters, application information, speeches

Model Plea Agreements

August 29, 2016

Model Annotated Corporate Plea Agreement

August 29, 2016

Model Annotated Individual Plea Agreement


Criminal Policy Speeches

Statistics and Trends

Ten Year Workload Statistics Report (PDF) (Word) (XLS)

Through Fiscal Year 2016

Criminal Enforcement Trends Charts

February 16, 2017

Sherman Act Violations Yielding a Corporate Fine of $10 Million or More

Other Documents

Economic Recovery Initiative

Disaster Recovery Information

March 15, 1996

Memorandum of Understanding Between the Antitrust Division and the Immigration and Naturalization Service

Updated February 21, 2017

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