Criminal Enforcement


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The Antitrust Division’s criminal enforcement program holds executives and corporations accountable for antitrust crimes.


The Antitrust Division has statutory authority to bring criminal charges against individuals and companies who harm American consumers by engaging in antitrust offenses such as fixing prices, rigging bids, and allocating markets.

Primers and Statutes

 Price Fixing, Bid Rigging, and Market Allocation Schemes, What They Are and What to Look For

September 28, 2005

Price Fixing, Bid Rigging, and Market Allocation Schemes: What They Are and What to Look For

An Antitrust Primer for Federal Law Enforcement Personnel

September 2018

An Antitrust Primer for Federal Law Enforcement Personnel

 Antitrust Statutory Provisions

Fifth Edition

Division Manual, Chapter 2: Antitrust Statutory Provisions (Sherman Antitrust Act)

Learn More About the Antitrust Division’s Criminal Enforcement Program

Division Update 2020

The Division’s Criminal Enforcement Sections and Offices

Criminal Policy Speeches


April 11, 2019

Public Roundtable on Antitrust Criminal Penalty Enhancement & Reform Act (ACPERA)

April 9, 2018

Public Roundtable on Criminal Antitrust Compliance

Statistics and Trends

Ten Year Workload Statistics Report (PDF) (Word) (XLS)

Through Fiscal Year 2019

Criminal Enforcement Trends Charts

July 24, 2020

Sherman Act Violations Yielding a Corporate Fine of $10 Million or More

Policy and Model Documents

Leniency Policy

Leniency Program: FAQs, policy documents, model leniency letters, application information, speeches

Model Plea Agreements

March 14, 2019

Model Annotated Corporate Plea Agreement

December 31, 2018

Model Annotated Individual Plea Agreement

Other Resources

July 2019

Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs in Criminal Antitrust Investigations

October 2016

DOJ/FTC Antitrust Guidance for Human Resource Professionals

Antitrust Red Flags for Employment Practices

Economic Recovery Initiative

Disaster Recovery Information

March 15, 1996

Memorandum of Understanding Between the Antitrust Division and the Immigration and Naturalization Service

Updated August 17, 2020

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