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Ripley's Believe It or Not Newspaper Cartoon

Ripley's Believe It of Not newspaper cartoon

Newspaper cutout showing a picture of a man appearing dressed with tights, a lose short-sleeved shirt, and a scarf tied around his head. His arms are raised to his sides and one of his legs is up on a side pose. There is a caption next to him - "Anlon Dolin, Famous English Dancer".

The following text appears in the cartoon inside a bubble next to Anlon Dolin:

Wednesday, December 5, 1934 Chicago Herald and Examiner
Believe It or Not Registered U.S. Patent Office By Ripley
The Word "Realtor" is copyrighted and its unauthorized use is illegal

There is also a picture of a smiling woman in the foreground. There in nothing identifying this woman.

Next to the woman there is a column with the following text:

21 French words and syllables are pronounced the same:- san, sand, sang, sangs, sans, sant, saens, sam, sen, send, sen, send, seng, sent, sens, sem, scen (last one is cut off)

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Updated January 9, 2024