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Telecom Workshop: Panelist Submissions

Workshop Information

On November 29, 2007, the Antitrust Division hosted a public symposium to discuss competition in telecommunications services and video programming delivery, including the prospects for additional competition and whether regulatory changes or other government action would promote more competition. For more information, see the workshop information page.

Panelist Submissions

Submissions are listed in alphabetical order by company or organization name.

Hank Kafka, Vice President, Architecture
AT&T Inc.
Symposium comments
Presentation: Wireless Broadband

John Goodman, Executive Director
Broadband Service Providers Association (BSPA)
Symposium comments

Stephen T. Perkins, General Counsel
Cavalier Telephone Corp.
Outline of remarks

Grier Raclin, General Counsel,
Charter Communications, Inc.
Comments on Behalf of Charter Communications, Inc.
Presentation: Competition in the Video Marketplace

R. Gerard Salemme, Executive Vice President of Strategy, Policy and External Affairs
Clearwire Corporation
Presentation: Delivering Personal Broadband and the Mobile Internet

Hal J. Singer, President
Criterion Economics
Presentation: The Consumer Benefits of Telco Entry in Video Markets
Paper: Does Video Delivered Over a Telephone Network Require a Cable Franchise?
Paper: Vertical Foreclosure in Video Programming Markets: Implications for Cable Operators
Letter: Answers to Questions for Panel 1

J. Brendan Herron, Jr., Vice President, Corporate Development and Strategy,
Presentation: CURRENT Group Broadband Overview

Evan R. Grayer, Vice President Broadband
DirecTV Group, Inc.
Presentation: Comments of DirecTV to the Department of Justice Symposium

Thomas W. Hazlett, Professor of Law and Economics
George Mason University School of Law
Presentation: Emerging U.S. Wireless Broadband Markets

Jane Lawton, Administrator of the Office of Cable and Communications Services
Montgomery County, Maryland
Presentation: Local Franchising Supports Competition
Comments: Local Franchising Supports Competition

Jill Canfield, Senior Regulatory Counsel
National Telecommunications Cooperative Association
Presentation: Entry into Telecommunications: Rural ILEC Perspective
NTCA 2007 Broadband/Internet Availability Survey Report
2005 Rural Youth Telecommunications Survey

Sean C. Lindsay, Associate General Counsel
Qwest Communications International Inc.
Presentation: Facilities-Based Competition in Mass Market Telecom: A Period of Rapid Change

Bin Shen, Vice President, Broadband Product Management and Partnership Development
Sprint Nextel Corporation
Symposium comments (submitted by Robert S. Foosaner, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs and Chief Regulatory Officer)
Comments of Sprint Nextel Corporation Before the Federal Communications Commission
Presentation: Introduction to Xohm

Simon J. Wilkie, Executive Director, Center for Communication Law and Policy
USC Gould School of Law
Presentation: Economics of Entry and Telecommunications Regulation

John Thorne, Deputy General Counsel and Senior Vice President
Verizon Communications Inc.
Symposium comments
Supplement to Verizon Symposium Comments

David Brown, Vice President and General Counsel
WildBlue Communications Inc.

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