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Criminal Resource Manual

1456. Gang Migration/Intelligence Sharing

The migration of violent street gangs is a growing problem and a top priority of the Department and its law enforcement agencies. It is absolutely critical that agencies share gang intelligence and that investigative leads are vigorously pursued. Generally, law enforcement agencies share intelligence with other offices within their own agency. The breakdown in intelligence-sharing typically occurs when the primary or "lead" Federal agency investigating a particular gang in one city is not the primary agency in the second city.

It is incumbent upon every Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) involved in a gang investigation to insure that the intelligence developed in the course of the investigation is properly and timely disseminated to the appropriate agency/office in other locales. What may appear trivial to investigators in a major city where a gang is centered, may prove to be significant in a smaller city or town where the gang is trying to establish a foothold. In many cases it will suffice for the AUSA to play an oversight role in the exchange of this information. However, there will be times when AUSAs should pass the information along themselves, to colleagues in other districts or offices or to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

The Terrorism and Violent Crime Section (TVCS) has been working at the national level to improve the coordination of intelligence sharing. TVCS will assist you in any manner which facilitates this flow of information pertaining to gangs and gang migration. Contact TVCS attorneys at (202) 514-0849.

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