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Criminal Resource Manual

711. Release Form—Polygraph Examination

A polygraph examination is required of all Witness Security Program candidates who are incarcerated in order to maintain the security of those individuals who are now, or will be, housed in a BOP Protective Custody Unit. Authorization for the Program may be rescinded or denied if the results of the polygraph examination reflect that the candidate intends to harm or disclose other protected witnesses or disclose information obtained from such witnesses. The following is a release form, referred to in USAM 9-21.340, that each witness is required to sign:

I, ______________, certify that I have read and understand the foregoing, and that I voluntarily submit to this polygraph examination. I also understand that my acceptance or rejection for placement in the Witness Security Program is not solely dependent upon the results of the polygraph examination.

I also certify that I have no objection if the contents of the report of my polygraph examination are disclosed to others in connection with my consideration for the Program or other lawful use.

(Date) (Signature)

(Witness or adult family member)

[cited in USAM 9-21.340]