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3rd Stage- Evaluate The Potential Options - Overall Approach

3rd Stage- Evaluate the Potential Options - Overall Approach

This is a chart, starting on the left there is a large arrow with the label "Zone". It is pointing to a box with the label "Consolidate & Communicate"e. The list under this box is "Learnings from Zone, Process & Schedule and Begin Scripts". This list is pointing to a box that says "Conduct Technical Review (Gates)". The "Consolidate & Communicate" box is pointing to a box labeled"Prep for visits". The list under this box is as follows: "Finalize Scripts, Confirm & Train participants, confirm visit logistics and Define criteria and scoring".

The "Prep for visits" box has two linking points. First, pointing up is a box labeled"Create Request for Response". There is an arrow that points to a box labeled receive response. This points to a box labeled "Evaluate".

The Second link for the box "Prep for visits" is a box labeled"Visit Vendors". "Visit Vendors" box points to the box labeled Evaluate. Under this box there is a list that reads: "Check References, Evaluate alternatives, finalize scoring, resolve issues" . This list has a line connecting back to "Conduct Technical Reviews (Gates)". The Evaluate box points to a box labeled"Confirm Direction for design". There is a list under it that reads: "Communicate results, define solution commitment process, define negotiation approach".

The Confirm Direction for Design box points to two points. Pointing to the upper right is "Vendor Engagement" in bold. Pointing to the right is "Global Design" in bold.

Along the bottom of the image starting at the left there is an image of a keyboard. Over it it is written "Work Beginning 3/19, 4/9, 4/23, 4/30, May".

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Updated August 14, 2015