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Assistant Attorney General Honorary Award Recipients

Hugh P. Morrison Award

This award is named in honor of Hugh Morrison, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General. It is presented in recognition of the long-term achievement and exemplary work ethic of an outstanding Division career litigator and litigation manager in furthering the mission of the Division.

Eric Welsh (2022)
Mark Grundvig (2021)
Nickolai Levin (2021)
Kevin Hart (2020)
John Read (2019)
Peter Mucchetti (2017)
William H. Jones II (2016)
James Fredricks (2015)
Diane Lotko-Baker (2015)
Kent Brown (2014)
Rebecca Meiklejohn (2012)
Jon Jacobs (2011)
Claude Scott (2010)
Craig Conrath (2008)
William D. Dillon (2008)
Steven Kramer (2005)
David Seidman (2003)
Donald Russell (2000)
Phillip Malone (1997)
James Griffin (1995)
Phillip Warren (1995)
John W. Clark (1994)

William F. Baxter Award

This award is named in honor of William Baxter, former Assistant Attorney General of the Antitrust Division, who had a profound impact on the practice of antitrust law. It is presented in recognition of the lifetime contributions in economic analysis and contributions made to the effective enforcement of antitrust law by an economist.

Russell Pittman (2022)
Elizabeth Armington (2021)
Jeff Lien (2020)
Matthew Magura (2019)
Ronald Drennan (2017)
Diane Owen (2016)
Jeff Wilder (2016)
Tom Whalen (2015)
Alex Raskovich (2015)
Norm Familant (2013)
Alexander Raskovich (2011)
Peter Woodward (2008)
George Rozanski (2008)
Ken Heyer (2005)
Greg Werden (2003)

Neil E. Roberts Award for Excellence in Antitrust Enforcement

This award is named in honor of Neil Roberts, former chief of the Antitrust Division’s Legal Policy Section. This award recognizes excellence, leadership, and dedication in the enforcement of the antitrust laws. Division career attorneys and economists are eligible. The award is the equivalent of the Morrison Award for those whose long-term contributions to antitrust enforcement are of equal significance but might not involve litigation.

Caldwell Harrop (2022)
Frederick Young (2021)
Lisa Scanlon (2020)
Dorothy Fountain (2019)
J. Richard (Dick) Doidge (2019)
Frances Marshall (2017)
Edward Hand (2015)
Robert Young (2015)
Belinda Barnett (2015)
William Stallings (2015)
Tracy Greer (2014)
John Read (2012)
James Tierney (2011)
John Powers (2010)
Catherine O’Sullivan (2008)
J. Robert Kramer (2005)
Nancy Goodman (2003)
John T. Orr, Jr. (2000)
Anthony Nanni (1997)
Donald J. Russell (1996)

Enforcement Support Award

This award recognizes long-term dedication and consistently excellent performance in support of the Division’s law enforcement mission. It is designed to recognize exceptional service by a Division support staff member, including paralegals, secretaries, clerks and all other administrative staff.

Melody Smith (2022)
Cassi Wiseman (2021)
Diamond Trinh (2020)
Celestine Susi (2019)
Priscilla Scruggs (2019)
FBI Agent Deborah Bond (2017)
Helen H. Nissan (2017)
Allison Hart (2016)
Janet Ficco (2016)
Denise Adams (2016)
Nancy Roch (2015)
Cheryl Page (2014)
Steve Duplicki (2014)
Deborah Sampson (2012)
Jan Cummins (2012)
Joseph Sutton (2011)
Janie Ingalls (2010)
Donna Clanton (2008)
Kathy Seldin (2005)
Nellie Pittman (2003)

Diversity Champion Award

This award recognizes the long-term achievement and championing of diversity and fostering an inclusive work environment within the Antitrust Division.

Robin Allen (2021)
Michelle Rindone (2020)
John Elias (2019)
Maribeth Petrizzi (2017)
Frederick Parmenter (2016)

Ilene G. Block and Anne Purcell White Award for Ethics and Integrity

This award is named in honor of two exemplary Antitrust Division Ethics Officers. Ilene Block was the Division’s longest-serving Ethics Officer, providing advice and guidance from 1986 to 2011, for 24 years of her distinguished 31-year career. Anne Purcell White served as the Division’s Ethics Officer from 2011 to 2016 after holding positions in the Division’s Cleveland Office and Office of Operations, and serving as Assistant Chief in both the Litigation II Section and the Foreign Commerce Section.  These widely respected Ethics Officers promoted and maintained the Division’s culture of unparalleled ethical judgment and integrity. This award honors them and the Division employees who carry on their tradition of upholding the highest standards for ethics and integrity.

Tracy Fisher (2022)
Mikal Condon (2020)
Nina Hale (2019)
Belinda Barnett (2017)

John Hughes Award for Excellence in Cartel Enforcement

This award is named in honor of John Hughes, who served as a long-running and highly valued trial advisor to teams across the Division’s Criminal Program after serving as chief of the Philadelphia Office. This award recognizes career dedication to cartel enforcement at the Antitrust Division.

Eric Welsh (2022)
Tee St. Matthew Daniel (2021)
Marvin Price (2020)
Patricia Rossi (2019)
Steven Tugander (2017)

Empowering the Mission Award

Presented in recognition of demonstrated excellence in administration and customer service to achieve exceptional results that have significantly improved the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of operations for the Division.

Tung Vu, Janet Payne, Suzanne Morris, Perry Apelbaum (2022)
Division Continuity Team – COVID-19 Pandemic Response: Chris Hartle, Dean Cranford, Grant Lawson, Jeffrey White, Kobie Crawl, Robbin Andrews, Adam High, Claro Gonzales, Christina Junior, Anthony Kelly, Jason Krucoff, Saby Tavales, Teresa Stone, Mary Alice Baker, Linda Irvin, Oscar Dixon, Steven Taylor, Edward Bernard, Lisa Engelhardt, Diana Fordyce, Paul Dougherty, John Kost, Tsang “Rowbe” Pun, Darren Sakai, Melody Smith, Shyam Srinivasan, Christopher Taggart, Linda Van Stavern, Kellie Strong, Debbie Wood, Terri Scott (2021)
Web Customer Liaison Staff: Billie Barnett, Gerardo Despian, Jorge Dinarte-Garcia, Beth Gundermann, Richard Hess, Michael Murphy, Phi Nguyen, Vidya Pai, Jessica Perry, Varsha Tandale, Catherine Tierney, Tung Vu, Kiona Walker (2020)

The John Sherman Award

The John Sherman Award is presented by the Department’s Antitrust Division to a person or persons for outstanding contributions to the field of antitrust law, the protection of American consumers, and the preservation of economic liberty.

The Honorable Douglas H. Ginsburg (2020)
The Honorable Diane P. Wood (2015)
The Honorable James F. Rill (2012)
The Honorable Robert F. Pitofsky (2010)
Professor Herb Hovenkamp (2008)
The Honorable Robert Bork (2005)
The Honorable Richard Posner (2003)
Professor Milton Handler (1998)
Professor Thomas Kauper & Professor William F. Baxter (1996)
Professor Phillip Areeda (1995)
The Honorable Howard Metzenbaum (1994)

Updated December 12, 2023