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What We Do

The Competition Policy and Advocacy Section of the Antitrust Division has responsibility for the development and implementation of the Antitrust Division’s significant policy initiatives and the advancement of the Division’s interests relating to Congress. The Competition Policy and Advocacy Section’s areas of expertise include a variety of critical functions:

  • Legal and Policy Analysis
    • Provides analysis of complex antitrust issues for Division and Department officials and staff, as well as for submission to Congress
    • Provides expert analysis on such topics as the intersection of antitrust and innovation, competitor collaborations, single-firm conduct, healthcare, criminal enforcement, intellectual property, and agriculture
    • Develops and implements policy projects and programs of interest to competition policy in the Antitrust Division
    • Drafts guidelines outlining the Division’s stance on in civil and criminal antitrust enforcement
  • Competition Advocacy
    • Leads competition advocacy efforts involving government entities, private firms and organizations, and the general public
    • Organizes workshops on areas of antitrust interest
  • Intellectual Property
    • Offers guidance on issues involving competition and intellectual property
    • Monitors the development of intellectual property agreements and law that implicate competition policy
  • Intergovernmental Liaison
    • Coordinates competition policy and advocacy with other governmental agencies and Department components
    • Oversees the Division’s correspondence with members of Congress and state and local officials
    • Supports the Division’s legislative outreach
    • Works with the Federal Trade Commission on Hart-Scott-Rodino cases
    • Coordinates with state Attorneys General on enforcement

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Photo of Karina Lubell

Karina Lubell, Chief

McCormick Conforti, Assistant Chief
Jennifer Dixton, Assistant Chief and Special Counsel for Policy and Intellectual Property

Mailing Address:
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Suite 3337
Washington, DC 20530

Phone: 202-305-9850
Fax: 202-514-0536

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Updated August 25, 2022

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