Directors Of Enforcement

The Directors of Criminal and Civil Enforcement, Director of Litigation, and the Economics Director of Enforcement are career employees who have oversight responsibilities for the activities of the various sections and offices. The Directors work closely with the Deputy Assistant Attorneys General in overseeing Division activities. Each Director is responsible for matters arising out of the various Division components that fall within his or her particular area of responsibility and provides quality control for the Division’s work. Together and in collaboration with section chiefs, the Directors ensure the most effective and efficient use of Division resources.

Current leadership:

Kathleen S. O'Neill, Senior Director of Investigations and Litigation

Craig Conrath, Director of Litigation

Andre Geverola, Director of Criminal Litigation

Marvin Price, Director of Criminal Enforcement

Jeffrey M. Wilder, Economics Director of Enforcement

Eyitayo St. Matthew-Daniel, Acting Director of the Procurement Collusion Strike Force

Amy Fitzpatrick, Counsel to the Senior Director of Investigations and Litigation

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Updated April 20, 2020

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