Media, Entertainment, and Communications Section

Industries and Commodities

The Media, Entertainment, and Communications Section (MEC) is responsible for civil antitrust enforcement, competition advocacy, and competition policy in the areas of:


  • The Internet (the services and infrastructure that comprise the foundation of the Internet)
  • Broadcast television
  • Radio
  • Newspapers


  • Video entertainment (including cable, satellite, and streaming services)
  • Audio entertainment (including music streaming, satellite radio, and podcasts)
  • Television and motion-picture production
  • Sports and recreation
  • Gambling


  • Mobile wireless and wireline telecommunications services
  • Business telecommunications services
  • Commercial satellite communications services
  • Telecommunications equipment and infrastructure

Federal and State Contacts

Media and Communications Matters: MEC works closely with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), filing comments in appropriate FCC proceedings.

FCC appeals: Under Section 402(a) of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and 28 U.S.C. §§ 2341-2351, the United States, represented by the Antitrust Division, is automatically a party respondent, separate from the FCC, in proceedings for review of most FCC orders (except licensing and license transfer orders) in the courts of appeals.   MEC works with the Appellate Section and the FCC in relation to appellate briefs where FCC orders are challenged.  Major court cases in FCC matters may be found on the Major Court Cases of the FCC page and the Archive of Major Court Cases of the FCC page.  Briefs filed in other FCC matters may be found at


MEC interacts with foreign competition authorities and telecommunications regulators in relation to investigations with an international component and to share knowledge about the telecommunications sector in general.

MEC works with the U.S. Trade Representative on a variety of trade matters where competition issues in telecommunications markets arise, including negotiation of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements, World Trade Organization dispute proceedings, and required annual reports.

Selected Cases and Investigations

Liberty Latin America/AT&T (2020)

T-Mobile/Sprint (2019)

Nexstar/Tribune (2019)

Disney/Fox (2018)

AT&T/Time Warner (2017)

CenturyLink/Level 3 (2017)

DIRECTV Information Sharing re Sportsnet LA (2017)

Tribune/Freedom (2016)

Comcast/Time Warner Cable (2015)

Sinclair/Perpetual (2014)

Gannett/Belo (2013)

Verizon Wireless Joint Venture with Cable Companies (2012)

AT&T/T-Mobile (2011)

Comcast/NBCUniversal (2010)

Daily Gazette/MediaNews Group (2008)

Related Guidelines and Reports

Voice, Video and Broadband: The Changing Competitive Landscape and Its Impact on Consumers: A Report by the U.S. Department of Justice (November 2008)


Scott Scheele

Scott Scheele, Chief

Matthew C. Hammond, Assistant Chief
Jared Hughes, Assistant Chief

Mailing address:
Suite 7000, Liberty Square Building
450 Fifth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20530

Phone: 202-514-5621
Fax: 202-514-6381

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