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Addendum A


The following text describes the map of the continental United States available in PDF format.

*Therm-All and Robert Smiogel and Mark Engebretson of Therm-all are located in Ohio.
*Therm-All is located in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

*Supreme and Tula Thompson of Supreme are located in Missouri.
*Supreme is located in Alabama, California and North Carolina.

*Bay and Mark Maloof of Bay are located in Alabama.
*Bay is located in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

*Mizell and Wally Rhodes of Mizell are located in Georgia.
*Mizell is located in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

*CGI and Larry Zupon, Sr., of CGI are located in Ohio.
*CGI is located in Missouri, New York, Ohio and Wisconsin.

*Brite and Peter Yueh of Brite are located in Texas.

*PBI and Jim Denton of PBI are located in Texas.

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Updated August 14, 2015