Affidavit Of Publication : U.S. V. V. Federation Of Physicians And Dentists, Et Al.

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Affidavit of Publication
Publisher's Fee    1,960.78    Affidavit Charge    10.00

State of Ohio

Hamilton County   


Personally appeared Doris Thomas

Of the The Enquirer, a newspaper printed in Cincinnati, Ohio and published in Cincinnati, in said County and State, and of general circulation in said county, who being duly sworn, deposeth and saith that the advertisement of which the annexed is a true copy, has been published in the said newspaper 7 times, once in each issue as follows:
7/25/07  7/26/07  7/20/07  7/21/07  7/22/07  7/23/07  7/24/07

 X  Cincinnati Enquirer

___ Cincinnati Post

___ Kentucky Post

___ Kentucky Enquirer

 X  Cincinnati.Com

(Unreadable paper cut out of advertisement) /s/Doris Thomas

Sworn to before me, this

July 27, 2007

/s/Penny Stewart
Notary Public of Ohio

Notary Public State of Ohio seal PENNY STEWART
Notary Public, State of Ohio
My Commission Expires
June 21, 2011
Updated August 14, 2015

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