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Alabama And Georgia: Divested CMAs And PST Proposed Divestitures Map

This exhibit is a map showing the Cellular Market Areas (CMAs) in the states of Alabama and Georgia and indicating which of those CMAs have been proposed for divestiture in this case.

The map indicates that the following CMAs are to be divested pursuant to the proposed final judgment in this case:

Alabama RSA-7 in southeast Alabama
Dothan, AL MSA in southeast Alabama
Georgia RSA-6 in west-central Georgia
Georgia RSA-9 in southwest Georgia
Georgia RSA-13 in southwest Georgia
Albany, GA MSA in southwest Georgia
Georgia RSA-10 in central Georgia
Georgia RSA-7 in central Georgia
Georgia RSA-8 in east-central Georgia
Georgia RSA-12 in southeast Georgia

The map indicates that commenter Public Service Telephone (PST) has proposed the following additional CMAs for divestiture:

Alabama RSA-5 in east-central Alabama
Alabama RSA-8 in southeast Alabama
Columbus, GA-AL MSA in east-central Alabama and west-central Georgia
Georgia RSA-5 in west-central Georgia

The map indicates that none of the other CMAs in Georgia or Alabama have been proposed for divestiture.

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Updated August 14, 2015