2022 Antitrust Division Banking Guidelines Review: Public Comments

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2022-BGR-02 Occupy the SEC

2022-BGR-03 International Bancshares Corporation

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2022-BGR-10 Committee for Better Banks

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2022-BGR-14 American Bankers Association 

2022-BGR-15 Open Markets Institute 

2022-BGR-16 Portilla, David L. for One or More Bank Holding Company Clients

2022-BGR-17 U.S. Chamber of Commerce

2022-BGR-18 Miller, Stephen Matteo

2022-BGR-19 Consumer Bankers Association 

2022-BGR-20 Independent Community Bankers of America

2022-BGR-21 Better Markets

2022-BGR-22 Federal Trade Commission

2022-BGR-23 Americans for Financial Reform Education Fund

Updated February 18, 2022

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