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Roger W. Fones,
Chief Transportation
Energy & Agriculture Section
U.S. Department of Justice
Antitrust division
325 7th Street N.W. Suite 500
Washington D.C. 20530

Dear Mr. Fones.

This letter is in response to the investigation of the Eastern Mushroom Marketing Cooperative (EMMC). These grower packers have pulled the wool over the eyes of the customers, consumers, and the Department of Justice. This group has forced many members to be in the EMMC or they would not to do business with them. In the community each company would sell fresh mushrooms to each other to fill daily needs. If you were not a member a great deal of pressure was put on these people. From not selling to overcharging and even trying to limit the picking containers they could pick in. Any one that tried to start to sell fresh mushrooms in the new period of the EMMC were shut down in other means within the industry. This has not been an ethical business plan.

As far as the growing houses (Farms) what the U.S. Government has come up with is a token. These growing housed have been pillaged stripped to no value to any one new that wants to purchase as a growing facility. The grower farmers are very smart and only will give information to the government that it wants them to know. No fault of the government which would have no way of knowing anything about the growing facilities.

First this group purchased the growing farms. Threatened anyone that competed for the facilities. The Group would go into the marketing area and give out low quotes on fresh mushrooms even when they were raising the pricing in the home markets.

Second when they acquired these growing farms they would go in and strip the houses of anything useful to grow mushrooms and just leave the walls. This was a guarantee no one would start these back up. This is the insurance police on top of the restriction. Growing of mushrooms is a specialized process. Not just planting in field. Must be air conditioned and very sanitary. Compost facilities with specialized equipment. Not something that is easy. This is why pulling the restrictions mean absolutely nothing. The damage is done when they take all the special equipment out.

Currently this group is trying to purchase the Money's farms that are shutting down but waiting for them to close. The plan is to purchase these farms and pillage so they will never be able to grow mushrooms again. This is a way to get what they want and insult the U.S. Government. Think about it. Many businesses have suffered and many consumers have overpaid for mushrooms. They have created a false market. If this was not true how can people purchase for millions and sit on them if they are not taking and un fair advantage of the market place.


Updated August 14, 2015

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