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BSPA Symposium Presentation : Description Of The "Fiber Backbone" Diagram Shown On Slide 3

This diagram shows an oval labeled Fiber Backbone with this description:
Enhanced TV Video
High speed Data (Wired or Wireless)
Telephone (Switched, IP, or wireless)
Other new IP based services

On the left and right sides of the Fiber Backbone oval are smaller ovals labeled Distribution Node. From each Distribute Node oval are double-headed arrows connecting it to several other ovals: Home, Large Business, Small Business, Home, and MDU.

Above the Fiber Backbone oval are two double-headed arrows connecting it to another oval labeled Headend Facility, with this description: TV Content consolidation, Telcom Switch Services, Internet services, Server based content, Network Operations.

All of the ovals described above are contained in a rectangular box.

Above this box are a series of ovals with these labels: PSTN Connection, Wireless Connection, Broadband Connection, and Internet Portal. Each of these is connected by double-headed arrows to the Headend Facility oval. In addition, Wireless Connection is connected to both PSTN Connection and Broadband Connection by double-headed arrows. Also above the box are two additional ovals labeled Video Content Satellite Source and Video Content Terrestrial Source. Each of these has a single-headed arrow pointing to the Headend Facility oval.

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Updated June 25, 2015