U.S. v. Carson B. Burgstiner, et al.

Final Judgment (April 29, 1991)

Competitive Impact Statement (February 7, 1991)

Complaint (February 7, 1991)

Case Open Date: 
Thursday, February 7, 1991
Case Name: 
United States v. Carson B. Burgstiner, A. Joseph Edwards, Jr., Jules Toraya, Louis P. Leopold, Speir N. Ramsey, James D. Smith, David M. Thomas, Edward D. Biggerstaff III, John H. Angell, Darnell L. Brawner, David W. Fillingim, Stephen Y. S. Cheng, Amos Timna, M. M. Schneider, Lawrence S. Bodziner, William G. Sutlive, R. W. Scarbrough, Jr., John L. Dekle, Lawrence Odom, Donna Moyers, Gregory K. Whitaker and Gregg Parker
Case Type: 
Civil Non-Merger
Case Violation: 
Information Sharing
Price Fixing - Horizontal
Industry Code: 
Offices of Physicians
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