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U.S. v. Christopher P. West, et al.

Plea Agreement [Patrick W. Boyd] (June 19, 2009)

Plea Agreement [Christopher P. West] (June 19, 2009)

Superseding Indictment (June 18, 2009)

Order to Unseal (August 27, 2008)

Order to File Under Seal (August 21, 2008)

Indictment (August 21, 2008)

Case Open Date
Case Name
United States v. Christopher P. West, Patrick W. Boyd, Assad John Ramin (A.K.A. Assadullah Ramin), Tahir Ramin, Noor Alam (A.K.A. Noor Alam Noori), Northern Reconstruction Organization, Abdul Qudoos Bakhshi (A.K.A Haji Abdul Qudoos), Naweed Bakhshi Com...
Case Type
Case Violation(s)
  • Attempt and Conspiracy
  • Bribery - Directly or Indirectly corruptly offered/promised something of value to a selected or public official
  • Bribery - Selected to be or Public Official corruptly demands, seeks, and agrees to accept something of value
  • Conspiracy to Commit Bribery
  • Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud
  • Criminal Forfeiture.
  • Fines Penalties and Forfeitures Mode of Recovery
  • Paying a Gratuity to a Public Official
Industry Code(s)
  • Line-Haul Railroads
Case Documents
Plea Agreement   [PDF, ]
Plea Agreement   [PDF, ]
Order to Unseal   [PDF, ]
Order to Seal   [PDF, ]
Indictment   [PDF, ]
Updated July 8, 2015