U.S. v. Haider Bokhari, a/k/a Syed Haider Ali Bokhari, et al.

Brief for Appellee United States of America (October 22, 2004)

Plea Agreement (October 22, 2004)

Superseding Indictment (September 24, 2004)

Indictment (March 26, 2004)

Case Open Date: 
Monday, February 7, 2005
Case Name: 
United States v. Haider Bokhari, a/k/a Syed Haider Ali Bokhari; Qasim Bokhari, a/k/a Syed Qasim Ali Bokhari, and a/k/a Kasim Bokhari; Raza Bokhari, a/k/a Syed Raza Ali Bokhari; Shahida Bokhari, a/k/a Shahda Bokhari; and Kelly Bokhari, a/k/a Kelly M. Vida
Case Type: 
Industry Code: 
On-Line Information Services
Antitrust Division
Updated June 21, 2017