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U.S. v. Kansas City Music Operators Association, et al.

Final Judgment (September 18, 1971)

Stipulation (September 18, 1971)

Complaint (March 30, 1970)

Case Open Date
Case Name
United States v. Kansas City Music Operators Association; B & G Amusement Company; B & G Cigarette Vending Company; Paramount Music Company, Inc.; Charles W. Bengimina and Nicholas Evola
Case Type
Civil Non Merger
Case Violation(s)
  • Other Restraint of Trade
  • Price Fixing - Horizontal
Industry Code(s)
  • Coin-Operated Amusement Machines
Case Documents
Final Judgment   [PDF, ]
Stipulation   [PDF, ]
Complaint   [PDF, ]
Updated July 5, 2018