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U.S. v. Vision Service Plan

Revised Final Judgment (April 12, 1996)

Revised Competitive Impact Statement (November 1, 1995)

Competitive Impact Statement (January 13, 1995)

Revised Final Judgment (November 1, 1995)

Complaint (December 15, 1994)

Case Open Date: 
Thursday, December 15, 1994
Case Name: 
United States v. Vision Service Plan
Case Type: 
Civil Non-Merger
Case Violation: 
Boycotts or Refusals to Deal - Horizontal
Boycotts or Refusals to Deal - Vertical
Exclusive Dealings and Requirements Contracts
Price Fixing - Horizontal
Industry Code: 
Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers
Hospital & Medical Service Plans
Offices of Optometrists
Antitrust Division
Updated September 15, 2016