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Change Cycle Graph

Change cycle graph

The change cycle is depicted as an inverted bell curve. The X and Y axis labels are unreadable.

Peak of Inflated Expectation - show at the top left of the curve
Denial - first step in decreasing curve
Anger - second step in decreasing curve
Trough of Disillutionment - lowest step on the curve
Testing - curve starts to increase
Slope of Enlightment - curve increases further
Acceptance - curve keeps increasing
Plateau of Productivity - last step shown at the top right of the curve

Another dash-line curve is shown running parallel but above the original. Arrows from the originial curve point to it at two points, with questions possed at each point. The first question, at the Trough of Disillutionment is How to Minimize the Dip? Just passed the Slope of Enlightment the question is How to Accelerate the Improvement in Performance?

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Updated August 14, 2015