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Chronology Of Realtor Association Violations

Chronology of Realtor Association Violations

This image is a timeline showing violations from the 1940's thru the 2000's. Type of violations shown are as follows:

  1. Price fixing: commissions - mid-1940's thru mid-1970's
  2. Price fixing: DR formula - early to mid-1970's thru end 2000's
  3. MLS Tying - beginning 1940's thru end 2000's
  4. Tying 3-in-1 memberships - early to mid-1970's thru end 2000's
  5. Price fixing: punitive fee splits - mid to late 1970's thru early 1990's
  6. Minimum services - late 1990's thru end 2000's
  7. Membership restrictions - beginning 1940's thru early to mid-1980's
  8. Realtor trademark fraud - early to mid-1950's thru end 2000's
  9. Territorial divisions, AOR names restrictions - early to mid-1940's thru end 2000's
  10. Non-solicitation restrictions, secret trials - early 1940's thru end 2000's

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Updated January 11, 2023