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Competition Advocacy Papers

The analysis and conclusions expressed in the papers are solely those of the authors and do not represent the views of the Department of Justice.

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Against the Stand-Alone-Cost Test in U.S. Freight Rail Regulation
Russell Pittman, EAG 10-1 CA, April 2010
Published in Journal of Regulatory Economics (2010)
Abstract    PDF    HTML

Economic Effects of State Bans on Direct Manufacturer Sales to Car Buyers
Gerald R. Bodisch, EAG 09-1 CA, May 2009
Abstract    PDF    HTML

Competitive Advocacy Opportunity: Zeroing in U.S. Antidumping Enforcement
William W. Nye, EAG 08-13, December 2008
Abstract    PDF    HTML

Should Banking Be Kept Separate from Commerce
Alexander Raskovich, EAG 08-9, August 2008
Abstract    PDF    HTML

Electricity Restructuring: What Has Worked, What Has Not, and What Is Next
Jeff Lien, EAG 08-4, April 2008
Abstract    PDF    

Proposal for a Market-Based Solution to Airport Delays
W. Tom Whalen, Dennis W. Carlton, Ken Heyer, and Oliver Richard, EAG 07-14, October 2007
Published at 31 Regulation (2008).
Abstract    PDF    

Anticompetitive Restraints on Public Charter Schools
John Hoven, EAG 07-11, September 2007
Abstract    PDF    

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